giuffri (GIUFF)
token cryptocurrency

name giuffri
symbol GIUFF
network BSC (BEP-20)
contract 0xbC87E2F888db57Ae8ADaB11ceb19D886bD056b19
max supply 1026
decimals 8
on sale
price 1 giuffri 1 giuffri = 1,1922 10-15 BNB
price 1 BNB 1 BNB ~ 838759000000000 giuffri
circulating supply 10%

Giuffri is project of cryptocurrencies exchanger platform, we foucused to build modern crypto Market with many feature and benefit to trader.
Giuffri wil provide many features for traders like: basic trading panel and Advanced trading panel, fast and reliable customer service, support many cryptocurrencies, the lowest trading fee.
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